Original Brand New Gateway M-6000 Series CPU Cooling FAN


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Product Information:
Tested to be 100% working properly.
Power: DC 5V 0.40A bare fan
Unit: PCS
Type: Laptop CPU Fan
Info: Size (mm): 112 x 70 x 12,Wire Length: 48mm, (3 wire) 3-pin Connector
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 3 Months

Factory Part Number:



Compatible Models:

Gateway M-6205m.Gateway M-6206m. Gateway M-6207m
Gateway M-6305. Gateway M-6307. Gateway M-6308
Gateway M-6309. Gateway M-6312.. Gateway M-6315
Gateway M-6316. Gateway M-6317. Gateway M-6318
Gateway M-6319. Gateway M-6320. Gateway M-6322
Gateway M-6323. Gateway M-6324. Gateway M-6325
Gateway M-6332. Gateway M-6333. Gateway M-6334
Gateway M-6335. Gateway M-6337. Gateway M-6339u
Gateway M-6340u. Gateway M-6750. Gateway M-6750h
Gateway M-6752. Gateway M-6755. Gateway M-6801m
Gateway M-6801mT. Gateway M-6802m. Gateway M-6803m
Gateway M-6804m. Gateway M-6805m. Gateway M-6806m
Gateway M-6807m. Gateway M-6808m. Gateway M-6809m
Gateway M-6810m. Gateway M-6811m. Gateway M-6812m
Gateway M-6813m. Gateway M-6814m. Gateway M-6815
Gateway M-6816. Gateway M-6817. Gateway M-6821b
Gateway M-6822. Gateway M-6823. Gateway M-6823a
Gateway M-6824. Gateway M-6825j. Gateway M-6826j
Gateway M-6827. Gateway M-6827j. Gateway M-6828b
Gateway M-6829b. Gateway M-6834. Gateway M-6839j
Gateway M-6840j. Gateway M-6841. Gateway M-6842j
Gateway M-6843. Gateway M-6844. Gateway M-6846
Gateway M-6847. Gateway M-6848. Gateway M-6849
Gateway M-6850FX. Gateway M-6851.Gateway M-6854m
Gateway M-6862 Gateway M-6864FX. Gateway M-6866
Gateway M-6867 .Gateway M-6873b. Gateway M-6873h
Gateway M-6874h. Gateway M-6875b. Gateway M-6876b
Gateway M-6877b. Gateway M-6878. Gateway M-6878h
Gateway M-6879j. Gateway M-6880. Gateway M-6881

  • Model: Gateway M-6000 Series-1
  • 128 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Gateway